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Shore Excursions

Stingray City Tour times




1:00pm- to 4:30pm


2 Stops, 3.5hr Tours

Adults: $40.00usd

Children 10yrs and younger: $30us

Children under 4yrs of age GO FREE!!!

Transport is included in the price!!!






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Stingray City Sandbar Grand Cayman Snorkeling & Sailing Excursion

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Take a tour to the famous Stingray City Sandbar and play withCaptain Bryan's Stingray city trip in Grand Cayman Cayman islands our super friendly stingrays.   An incredible experience unique to Grand Cayman and something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. 

Imagine standing in waist deep water with these beautiful creatures dancing in the crystal blue water all around you.  As they glide gracefully past, you reach out and make contact with these stealth looking creatures, gently caressing them as they swim by.

Come aboard with Captain Bryan and experience Stingray City trip the way it was meant to be.  Avoid the over crowded and cramped motor boats.  Stretch out and relax on a fully equipped, a  luxurious 50 foot catamaran sailboat. This magnificent vessel offers the best of both worlds with a large sundeck for working on your tan and a shaded area for those of us who prefer to keep cool.

Captain Bryan's offers sensational Stingray City and snorkeling trips daily making stops at some of the most beautiful snorkeling sites.  On your back from the Stingray City Sandbar Captain Bryan's will sail with you to the beautiful Coral Gardens.  This snorkeling site offers opportunities to spot turtles, eels, rays and a plenitude of tropical fish and coral.

9:00AM  Stingray City Sandbar and Snorkeling Excursion: A morning 3.5hr half day trip, with 2 stops one at the Stingray City Sandbar followed by Coral Gardens.  Transport and snorkeling gear included!stingray city sandbar snorkeling shore excursion in Grand Cayman

1:00pm Stingray City Sandbarstingray city sandbar snorkeling shore excursion in Grand Cayman and Snorkeling Excursion: An afternoon 3.5hr half day trip, with 2 stops one at the Stingray City Sandbar followed by Coral Gardens.  Transport and snorkeling gear included!

Special Times for Captain Bryans Stingray City Sandbar Snorkeling Excursions will be organized to match your particular Cruise Ship times in Port.  Departure times may vary and will be confirmed via e-mail.

All of Captain Bryan's snorkeling trips include snorkeling gear.  We do suggest that you bring an disposable underwater camera with you as they are perfect for taking pictures either below or on the surface of the water.  Don't forget your sunscreen!


   The beautiful Hannibal Catamaran

Relaxing on deck on the way to Stingray City

Cayman Islands Stingray city Sandbar!

Arriving at the Stingray City Sandbar

admiring the Stingrays at Stingray City

The Sandbar offers shallow waters and beautiful colors

Entering crystal clear waters to play with the rays

Coral Gardens offers fantastic snorkeling

The Shallow water, barely 4ft deep is perfect for children

Holding a stingray in Grand Cayman

Have you hugged a ray today?  They are incredibly friendly

Stingray City in Grand Cayman

The water is so clear entering the water is not necessary

Stingray Couple, Grand Cayman Stingray city trip

All can be seen and enjoyed from the Catamaran

The netted pontoon, a favorite!

The Hannibal Excursion is truly perfect for Children!

the Beauty of Stingray City!

Perhaps the most beautiful place on Earth!

the Stingray City Sandbar

Just like walking on an underwater beach

The water entrance and exit is simple with the oversize ladder

Bringing a smile to the whole family

Horsing around at stingray city

Great deck, plenty of elbow room for all

Stingray City is an incredibly interactive experience!

Underwater treasures found at Coral Gardens








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Trip Time

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Enjoy the Morning Half day Grand Cayman Stingray City Excursion which departs at 9:00am and returns to shore at 12:30pm

Stingray city tours Cayman with Captain Bryans


The afternoon Stingray City Excursion which departs at either 12:30pm returning at 4:40pm or 1:00pm and returns at 4:30pm (depending on your ship's in port)

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The Sandbar

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Grand Cayman Stingray City Sandbar is barely 4ft deep in the center.  You will be playing with the Stingrays in waist deep water!

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They Are Friendly

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Cayman's Stingrays are extremely friendly creatures and they enjoy human interaction. 


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There are no words to describe the feeling of being able to walk on a powdery underwater beach in the middle of the ocean.  Seize the opportunity on your next Grand Cayman Cayman visit!!


Stingray city tour in Cayman Be friendly


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